There's a lesson to learn here, never talk BS to a graphics god. But now I, MightyFrog, must hop, no stomp, my way back to freedom to ask for the Graphics Man forgiveness. So he can turn me back into the man I once was before I disrespected him. But others will try to stop me... They're piss... and their pride won't set them free... They're all a bunch of crabs keeping each other down. And now they're after me!

MightyFrog will contain 10 stages of foot stomping action, driving soundtracks, cool sfx, colorful graphics and much more.

Description Status
Characters design & animation 90%
Intro 92%
Levels 100%
Sound samples 97%
Soundtracks 100%
Special Effects 65%
Intermissions 100%
Gameplay 93%

1.04.18: Happy New Year! >:)

4.05.17 Oh yeah, level 8 in-game background artwork is finished! Next, Iíll move on to completing the select screen graphics. Everything is there code wise, itís just needs the game heroesí Mighty Frog and Awesome Frog pictures.

4.01.17: One more in-game backdrop to go, level 9 backdrop theme is completed! Yes, I know, I posted an update on April Fools Day. ;)

12.21.14: Added detail to the plain looking foreground cubes in level 7 so they are now similar in looks with this level backdrop created for it. And I fixed the rest of the foreground graphically errors that I made level 1 and level 5 cubes years ago. So, that is that with all the foreground graphical terrain stuff, whowhooo... Next, Iíll focus on completing the rest of the characters design and animation for the game. I'll update the Characters design and animation section as I complete everything for each character.

12.10.14: I converted 10 mods files to sound samples to use for MightyFrog level introduction intermissions last night. The ten 117 KB .mod files are now much smaller in .snd format. Further more, the sound quality of them did not take a big hit. So, of course, I'm pleased with those results! >:)

11.29.14: I finally decided what I wanted to do theme wise for two levels so I updated those two levels foreground graphics over this weekend and fixed some pixel errors I made on level 9 cubes years ago. ;)

11.16.14: MightyFrog status section updated: I added a little more detail (polish) to some of the game in-game graphics and intro screens today... :)

1.13.12: Five more backdrops to create for the game... Can you see them? No, I will not upload any new screen shots of the game. Look at the old screen shots. >:)

1.01.12: Happy New Year! >:)

1.31.10: The game is now running at 60 fps most of the time. Rough edges still exsist but those will be iron out in due time. >:)

9.08.09: More info on MightyFrog progress is coming next month with the latest game screenshots. But I have included old screen shots here of the game for those who are new to Atari Jaguar gaming. :)

9.10.08: MightyFrog status section updated. The main focus is to complete the rest of game characters sprite artwork by the end of the month (9.30.08).

8.22.08: MightyFrog status section updated.

7.09.08: MightyFrog update coming soon, little tadpoles... :)

8.09.06: Welcome to MightyFrog Official homepage! Where you can get the latest information on Mighty. The latest news is MightyFrog 2D engine is being hype up to the point that it will run constantly at 60 fps. Also, we will be adding the latest screenshots and trailers of this game as its completed. :)

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FORCE Design: Terance "The Graphics Man" Williams

Lead coder, game art, artwork, advertising, game design, promotion, sound, tester and Frog Father of the Trinty.

Scott "JagMod" Walters

Lead dedugging, coding, hardware, and the Frog Holy Spirit of the Trinty

Steven "The Frog" Scavone

Boss track, intro, intermission music, beta tester, and the Son of the Frog Father.

Aki "D-Beat" Nordman

BGM (back ground music)!


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